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Director of the National Health IT Board

Graeme Osborne is the Director of the National Health IT Board

Graeme OsborneGraeme Osborne led the establishment of the National Health IT Board, as Executive Chair, and oversaw the development and introduction of the National Health IT Plan.

He is now leading the delivery of the plan as well as the National Health IT Programme 2015-2020, as Director of the Ministry's National Health IT Board.

Having a single clear IT plan has facilitated good progress on the National Health IT Board’s priority programmes – eMedicines, National Solutions, Regional Information Platforms and Integrated Care Initiatives. A health IT ecosystem is being developed, with strong clinical leadership, regional and national investment in IT, and consumer input.

Prior to his work with the Ministry and the National Health IT Board, Graeme worked in senior management roles in the financial, health insurance and information technology fields, including ACC, Statistics and Southern Cross Healthcare.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Marketing from Canterbury University in 1986. He has experience as a member on the Land Information New Zealand Audit Committee, the e-GIF Management Committee, as a trustee of the Computer Access New Zealand (CANZ) Trust, and a member of the Institute of Directors. He was also a member of the Health Intranet Governance Board, the Telecommunications User Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) Board, and the Digital Strategy Advisory Group.

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